Simple, Transparent Pricing

We have found that sometimes the hardest part of a project is determining the price. Quoting and re-quoting only to find that the final price is not within your budget seems like a waste of time and energy. That’s why we have used our experience to give you pre-priced options. Just find the project type that matches your requirements and that’s that. To determine your pricing type just choose:

  1. The app complexity
  2. The supported platforms (iOS and/or Android)
  3. The supported devices (phone and/or tablet).



This package is perfect for simple apps that do not need to send, store or retrieve large amounts of data to a database. They typically have 5-10 in-app screens. Examples of this would be SummariseCoolors or Streaks .




These apps will have the ability to send, store and retrieve data from a database. They will usually have between 10-15 in-app screens. Examples would be Wish, ProductHunt and Dubsmash.




These are the big ones that are usually related to social networks, complex games, or require the use of brand new/ground-breaking technology. Examples would include Tinder, Shazaam, and Instagram.


All apps include

Found your price?

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