iPhone and iPad

Sunvista Homes

The Brief

SunVista Homes approached Blue Tropical to help them digitise their current pen and paper work flow for inspecting new housing worksites. A new solution was needed because the current system was inefficient, highly susceptible to human error, and lacked accountability.


The Solution

We proposed an iPad and iPhone app that workers could use instead of pen and paper. This would allow the workers to quickly complete checklists that would automatically generate a PDF report that was sent to head office. Workers were made accountable by using a digital signature when checklists were submitted. Reminders were also introduced to keep workers on top of high-priority items.


  • Custom UI
  • Integrated backend
  • User management
  • Photos/Videos
  • Push notifications
  • Analytics
  • PDF Generation
  • Automated email alerts


  • 90% hours saved in process compared to pen and paper workflow
  • 2000+ images and PDFs generated and stored
  • Highlighted imported business data otherwise buried in analog systems



“The app paid for itself after two days of use. Couldn’t be happier.”

Luke Bond – General Manager, Sunvista Homes