The Brief

Sportnado teamed up with Blue Tropical to bring their mobile app vision to life. Frustrated by the gap in the market for following all your favourite sport teams across disciplines and timezones, we worked together to leverage the available mobile and database technologies to deliver a world class iOS application.

The Solution

We created an iPhone application that made use of notifications and geolocation to keep users informed when their favourite teams were playing matches. We also developed a custom backend solution for storing and retrieving sports data from a third-party supplier. This backend solution runs automatically in the background and requires minimal oversight.

Through constant user feedback we have made many small iterations to improve the user’s experience and increase the inherent value of the service.

  • Custom UI
  • Integrated backend
  • Automatic data pulling into backend
  • User management
  • Push notifications
  • Analytics
  • Automated email alerts
  • Thousands of users from over 20 countries worldwide
  • Over 50,000 sports matches logged
  • Over 3000 sports teams available to follow